Data protection and privacy

Your privacy is important

Here you will be asked several questions about your data and your privacy. If you do not give us an EXPLICIT consent, we will NEVER, EVER, use your information for the purpose you did not accepted. Please, take note that the basic purpose of email communications in order to be able to manage your account is mandatory to activate your account.

We take your privacy very seriously and is our commitment to make you feel comfortable and secure in out platform. Please, do not hesitate in contacting us about your rights and privacy in [email protected]

Our Data Protection Officer: DPO <[email protected]>
Your rights: Here you have a simplified list of your rights: to be informed, to access, to rectificate, to erasure, to restrict processing, to data portability, to object and all your rights related to automated decision making and profiling.
Legitimation of consent: Through explicit consent from the user
I accept and give consent to:
Purpose: the general privacy and data protection policy from BE Real Talent. You can read all policy details here. Purpose: the use of the email address for account management: enrollment, recover passwords, relevant notifications (non-promotional).
Purpose: the use of your contact information for promotions and marketing related actions. You will have to give explicit consent to every third party involved.